My Scrap-Space

I used to have my scrapbooking stuff hidden in my closet. Every time I wanted to make something, I had to pull everything out of the closet, work on a little table for a while and then, put everything back in to the closet. I got tired of that. I wanted to have my own space to make a mess when I felt creative. I decided that the only place I could use, because our house is kind of small, is the loft where my computer was on a big desk with a big chair. I started by making a sketch, then looking for furniture I could use and afford. I ended up buying some furniture and storage boxes from Ikea and some scrapbooking cubes from Michaels.

This is how my Scrap-Space looks now:



I love to work here. I like to keep it clean when I am not there… but when it is time to play my table is always messy :).

9 thoughts on “My Scrap-Space

  1. Love your space. It is beautiful, clean and inspiring, just like your cards. Glad I discovered your card blog. It is sure to be one of my favorites. I don’t have my blog in the pristine shape I hope for it to be in eventually (like my craft room), but I hope to one day… It is a goal to work towards… 🙂 Meanwhile…I see why you love this space…Happy crafting! TFS


  2. Great space!! I have my own room,but I have to share space with my cats who love to play with my supplies,so I can’t leave my prrojects unattended.I am quite sure that if they
    Had opposable thumbs,they woulf absolutely scrapbook if they could.They are very attracted to all of the beautiful colors and especially ribbons (Woohoo!!! Big fun!!!)
    When I win the lotto,the kitties will have their own room LOL)

  3. Love your craft room! Clean and tidy, just the way I like it. But of course we have to get messy when we create. It’s great that you have a dedicated space. I have an extra large bedroom so half of my room, or maybe more, is my creative space. Love your design style. Happy I found you through a Hero Arts blog hop! Thanks!

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