Thankful for Hero Arts + Happy New Year Card

Once my curiosity for the crafting world was ignited in 2009, my search for inspiration has always been endless. I remember sometimes going to the craft store and spending time there, looking at the stamps and thinking of all the things that I could create with them. It was at Archivers where I saw Hero Arts stamps for the very first time, and I fell in love with them. As you can imagine, I became a fan of them. I started checking out their blog everyday, and of course, I also started participating in their challenges. I recall the first time I was one of the winners of a generous prize with this card:


OMG! I was so excited! I might of had a big smile for days or weeks. I thought of how fortunate the talented team members were to be part of the Hero Arts family and how nice it would be to be one of them (sigh). Obviously, I continued participating, and every single time I received a prize, the happy dance certainly took place in my house 🙂

Anyways, I don’t like to brag about this, but two of my cards were selected to be on the cover of Paper Crafts Magazines back in 2011, and I used Hero Arts products on them (Peacock Card (left) & Butterfly Card (right). I loved that!  Some other cards were also selected for other issues using Hero Arts products as well.


The prizes, the publications, and the joy of doing something that I really like, kept feeding my love for card making. One of my favorite cards that wasn’t intended for any publication is this one:


I have to confess that in 2014 I was a little bit unmotivated. My mojo was down, and I had reached that point when you ask yourself if you should keep creating. I have always thought that when you wish with your heart, things come true. I was at that stage, when I received an email from sweet Libby Hickson, to invite me to be part of the Hero Arts Creative Team. The happy dance started again! I felt so honored to received such an unexpected and amazing invitation.

This was a great incentive for me to continue on the path of creativity! I am so grateful for Hero Arts, and for all their help, guidance and trust that they have had in me. I loved that my cards have been included in many of their catalogs (including covers) and besides that, they even gave me the chance to select a couple of color combinations with my name on them!

For two years it has been a pleasure to work with the Hero Arts Creative Team members, and learn from them too. All these ladies have always amazed me with such a great talent that they have. I love their different styles and creations.

I know every card maker has a different story, but I can say that it’s always a good motivation to have access to different sources of inspiration,  that makes you want to create more and more. I have belonged to different design teams along the way, always grateful to have the time to help these companies to showcase and promote their products. However, I am a firm believer that changes are good. Sometimes you don’t have a choice but some others, you do. Since last September, I took the opportunity to become a part timer as a crew member of  Fun Stampers Journey and I have committed to work exclusively for their brand. Today, my term with Hero Arts has come to an end. This is bitter sweet.  The Hero Arts family will always remain in my heart and will have my gratitude. I am very thankful for having had the chance to work with them.

Definitely, I can not conclude this post without sharing another Hero Arts card featuring one of the My Monthly Hero of December add-on products called Happy New Year Stamp and Cut.


Please be sure to see who the new Hero Arts team members are… I can say that Hero has chosen right. These ladies are very talented, so I am sure they will make the HA products shine even more. Click >>>HERE<<< to meet them.


So I hope 2017 brings to all of us the chance to fulfill all of our new year’s resolutions, as well as love, health and prosperity.

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Sharing Good News

Hi! Today I want to share some happy news with you. Recently I have accepted a part time position as part of the Fun Stampers Journey crew. I am really thrilled about this great opportunity 😀 😀 😀  Fun Stampers Journey is a direct sales company that was started by Richard Garay a few years back. Although, Richard has been immersed in the industry for many many years, it was not until a couple years ago when he, along with his wife and a crew of talented people started this journey.

As part of my new endeavors, I will be working on projects that will be mainly used by FSJ for catalogs, but I will continue to share projects once a week using  the FSJ line exclusively here on my personal blog. Today  I am also sharing a simple card that I made using some of my new FSJ products. The set that I used for this project is called Summer Rose:


I created a bouquet of flowers by stamping the images with two colors of ink over a Whip Cream card stock panel. The sentiment belongs to a set called Greetings Trends Stamp set and it was stamped with Black Licorice Ink. I added a layer of Journey Glaze on top of the sentiment just for fun and I embellished this card with Bubble Gum Thread and pink sequins.


You can find the complete list of supplies at the end of this post, and if you like to take a peek of the new Fun Stampers Catalog, please click >>>HERE<<<

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Summer Rose Stamp Set 
Greetings Trends Stamp Set
Bubble Gum Silk 
Cool Pool Silk 
Cool Pool True Color Fusion Ink
Bubble Gum True Color Fusion Ink 
Green Olive True Color Fusion ink 
Black Licorice True Color Fusion ink  
Sweet Berry True Color Fusion ink 
Cool Pool 8.5 x 11 Cardstock 
Whip Cream 8.5 x 11 Cardstock 
Journey Bubble Gum Thread
Journey Sequins Pink World 
Journey Glaze 4oz 

My Crafty Space

The loft of my house is where my  crafty space is located. It is tiny but, keeping it well organized and unclutterd, I can maintain my corner functional… and my mind too 😀  Today I am going to share a little bit about it and how I have organized some of my crafty stuff.  Welcome to my crafty space:


I have a small desk that I use for my computer and to create my projects. On top of the table, besides my computer, I have a big cutting mat and some clear plastic organizers where I put the products that I am going to use on my next project.


On the right side against the wall, I have my ink organizers, which I love because I have near at hand all my ink pads.


I have four drawers on the left side of my desk, and inside them, I have things that I constantly use like some tools, a small trimmer, decorative tape, gemstones, and pearls.


I like to have my gemstones, pearls, and enamel dots organized inside photo albums. Those are the inexpensive photo albums that you can  find at almost any store. I have my supplies organized by brand 🙂


Next to my desk on the left, there is a tall bookcase which I use to put catalogs, card stock, markers, paints,  etc. I have the card stock organized by brand, and I have them inside 12×12 paper organize. Inside each of this organizers, I have the card stock separated by color and labeled with its name. I use heavy duty page protectors for each color and I love that I can put also paper scraps.  At the side of the tall bookcase, I have my paper trimmer and my Journey Platinum. Below them, I have 12 x12 compartments and drawers with some other stamping supplies.


Next to my ink organizer I have a bigger bookcase which is the home of my electronic cutting machines, my printer, scanner. On the lower shelf I have four plastic containers  that I use to keep the current products that I am using to create new projects.


One of those containers has products from the Celebra’tions Collection, and another one has products from the other three collections by Ricard Garay. I like to use clear paper protectors to put  my stamp sets, and  magnetic sheets  with die frames. I also have another container in the shelf where I put dies, stencils, and other products by Fun Stampers Journey and other brands.


One of the last things that I bought for my crafty space is a gray wheeled cart, which I love. I can move it closer to my desk if I need to.  In the first level, I keep my adhesives and some “I don’t use too often” tools. In the middle level I have the stamping stuff (acrylic blocks, cleaners). The lower level has some other tools, as well as some other things that I don’t know where to put … lol.


We want to move to a bigger house when my younger son finishes high school. So, I have hope that I can get a bigger crafty space some day. For the moment, I have to continue cleaning and keeping my creative corner organized , because even though it is tiny, I love spending time in here.

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FSJ Planner + RG Make Amazing Happen

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I am back today to share another project using Fun Stampers Journey and Richard Garay products. I recently received the new FSJ Journey Girl Planner, and I have to confess that I was a little nervous about using it. It is so nice and neat that I did not want to mess it up. I have seen how other crafters make a good use of it, and they are so creative when it is time to make shine their planners, so I was a little bit intimidated.

Well, after seen so many fantastic planner ideas on the internet,  I felt inspired and I created a divider for my planner using a couple of stamp sets from the Make Amazing Happen Collection by Richard Garay, and this is how it turned out:


I made a double sided divider using the original divider as a guide (the one that it came with my planner). I am including the easy steps and supplies below so you can see the process.



Journey Girl Binder
Journey Girl 18 months Weekly Calendar
Journey Girl Divider Kit
Black an White Tassel
Whip Cream 8.5″ x 11″ card stock
Make You Stamp set
Amazing Blooms Stamp set
Make Amazing Printed Paper 6″x6″ Pad
Captivating Coral Fusion Ink
Berry Black Fusion Ink
Limeade Splash
Orange Creamcicle
Pineapple Smoothie

Here is how I made my divider…


1. Make a rectangle from Whip Cream card stock using original divider measurements as a guide. Stamp sentiment with Berry Black ink and Flowers with different colors.
2 & 3. Use a mask to block flowers, and then stamp leaves.
4. Stamp a couple more leaves and small flowers randomly.


5. Laminate divider. Trim excess with craft knife. Round Corners.
6. Use original divider as a template to draw where holes need to be punched.
7. Punch holes.
8. Connect holes to edge by trimming a small piece with scissors. Now the divider is ready for your planner.

Additionally, I decorated part of the planner with the Make Amazing Printed papers, and little pieces of decorative tape. I used plain 2×2″ sticky notes and I stamped flower images on them.


I am still in the learning process of the planner world, so I have yet to use paper clips and other items to embellish my planner. As time passes, I’ll keep on utilizing my planner and planning my weeks more creatively!

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Well, that’s all from me for today, I will be back soon to share another project.

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RG Journey Girl Locket

One of the things I love about my Journey Girl Locket is that I can always give it my personal touch. You can use it to display some of the pretty charms  that are available for purchase or  maybe to display more personal things like a picture or something that you have created. Tomorrow is going to be St. Patrick’s Day, so I thought it would be fun to make a shamrock for my  locket . Check it out:


I took pictures of the steps of my project so you can see how easy and fun can be to create a shamrock for your Journey Girl Locket. I am also listing the products that I used.


RG Celebra’tions Special Day Stamp set
RG elebra’tions Pixie Play Fusion Ink
FSJ Journey Glaze
FSJ Butter Cream card stock
Foiled green or green card stock
Mini heart punch or die
A green seed bead
Scissors, Pencil, green marker


Step by step:

  1. Stamp a balloon image (Special Day stamp set) over a piece of Butter Cream card stock with Pixie Play Fusion Ink .
  2. Punch three mini-hearts from card stock.
  3. Draw the shamrock stem with a green marker.
  4. Apply Journey Glaze over stem, leaving a small drop on the upper end. This will hold the mini hearts on place.mg_journeygirllocketsteps1
  5. Arrange the three hearts over and around the Glaze drop.
  6. Put the seed bead on the center of the shamrock. Let dry.
  7. Using the locket spacer as a template, draw a line around it.
  8. Cut out with scissors.


Then, assemble the locket: glass, shamrock, spacer, glass, close the locket … and that’s it! Now my locket is ready for tomorrow!mg_journeygirllocketB`

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She Was a Good Mom.

Last week I went to Mexico to say goodbye to my mom. It was very hard and sad. I think about those moments, and tears start pouring. There are no words to describe this sadness.


I talked to her on the phone for the last time on New Years. Her voice sounded fine and strong, but I guess her heart was weak. She passed away suddenly on the 8th. I owe her a lot. She taught me to love animals,  to cook improvising and also to change the recipes. I remember her always doing something with her hands: sewing, knitting, painting. She taught me all that too.

She was very talented. She loved painting using watercolors, but she was always willing to try different techniques.  She collected a bunch of pictures from magazines or books, and kept them in a big folder, which was her inspiration folder. When I was living in Mexico, close to her, we used to get together and paint. Those were precious moments. She seems to be a very serious person, but in reality she had a very good sense of humor, and a big heart.  I loved that about her. Anyway, she had more than one hundred and fifty paintings, and  I want to share a few of them…





The next painting, I brought it with me. She painted it last month. It was one of her last ones.


She will remain in my heart forever. Her name was Leonor, and she was a good mom, she was my mom.

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January MMH Sneak Peek

My Monthly Hero Countdown is happening right now! The fabulous MMH kit is going to be released tomorrow at noon at the HA store! Here is a sneak peek:

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 1.38.17 PM

If you want to know more about it and the GIVEAWAY, please click >>>HERE<<<

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Happy New Year!


This is my last post of 2015, so I just want to wish you a Happy New Year. I hope we all can accomplish many of our resolutions and have a fabulous year full of love and health along with our families and friends.

Here is a short video showing  my favorites cards that I made in 2015:

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Time to Shine [FSJ Locket]

Happy Friday, everyone!

Every year when is time to make the x-mas list of presents for our loved ones, and you have to start thinking about what to give to each of them, it can be overwhelming, especially with the presents for mom or sisters, because you would like to surprise them with something unique and special. Last October, during my visit to Arizona, Richard Garay surprised us with a beautiful gift from the Journey Girl Jewelry Collection. The box was filled with several pieces of jewelry, and it was our task to put them together without any instructions… It was so entertaining….and easy. I think this locket can be a fabulous gift for anyone on your list. So, to give you an idea of how fun this jewelery is, I made a very short animation of the assembling process of this beautiful locket. Please check it out:

You can personalize this locket by changing the charms, the plates, or why not, giving it your own personal touch. Here are two options of many that you can do with these beautiful jewelry”


Locket with charms:


Locket with Filigree Plate:


You can find more information by looking through the pages of this catalog…

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Richard Garay [Make Amazing Design Team]

Hello, everyone!

A few weeks ago, I shared with all of you that I joined the 2015-2016 Richard Garay‘s Make Amazing Happen Design Team. Since then, I have been fortunate to visit the Journey Station in Phoenix, Arizona, where I met Richard and all the Fun Stampers Journey crew. Richard Garay is the President of the company, and he also plays an important role as the creative mind in the company. I also had the opportunity to meet some of my new design team pals, which happen to be also talented crafters from different parts of the US and the world 🙂

Design Team_vI have to say that I am very excited about this new journey with all of them, because meeting Richard has been a very inspirational experience. Richard has been in the Direct Sales Business for more than 15 years, on the creative side and on the business side which makes him an expert in the crafting industry. He is a very talented designer, with an extraordinary vision and contagious energy that makes you want to create and spread the word about his line of amazing products. You can take a peek of the FSJ inspiration book and catalog by clicking HERE. You will see in this catalog that  Fun Stamping Journey is a company that has a wide variety of products: stamps, inks, dies, card stock, you name it!. In addition to his important role in Fun Stampers Journey, Richard has designed a line for Spellbinders called Cele’brations, which you can currently purchase HERE.

Well, Richard’s talent doesn’t stop there. I am thrilled to share that in the upcoming weeks, we will share sneak peeks of some new collections that will hit the retail market pretty soon. So please stay tuned for that!


Today I also want to share a project that Richard has created for his blog. He has the talent to balance form, color and dimension on all of his creations.  I loved the way he created the butterfly and the color combo is just wonderful, Don’t you think?


If you wish to see the complete post, please click HERE.

Well, that’s all from me for today, I will be back soon to share another project.

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