Time to Shine [FSJ Locket]

Happy Friday, everyone!

Every year when is time to make the x-mas list of presents for our loved ones, and you have to start thinking about what to give to each of them, it can be overwhelming, especially with the presents for mom or sisters, because you would like to surprise them with something unique and special. Last October, during my visit to Arizona, Richard Garay surprised us with a beautiful gift from the Journey Girl Jewelry Collection. The box was filled with several pieces of jewelry, and it was our task to put them together without any instructions… It was so entertaining….and easy. I think this locket can be a fabulous gift for anyone on your list. So, to give you an idea of how fun this jewelery is, I made a very short animation of the assembling process of this beautiful locket. Please check it out:

You can personalize this locket by changing the charms, the plates, or why not, giving it your own personal touch. Here are two options of many that you can do with these beautiful jewelry”


Locket with charms:


Locket with Filigree Plate:


You can find more information by looking through the pages of this catalog…

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That is all from me today, I will be back soon to share another project.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Have a wonderful crafty weekend!


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