Hero Arts Blog Post Sneak Peek

Hey there!

I am back today just to  share a sneak peek of another card of mine on the Hero Arts Blog


If you want to see my card and complete post, please click  >>>HERE<<<

Sorry if I haven’t been so productive here on my blog, but I have been very busy with a bunch of other things. This year I am working full time at school, and I am still trying to manage my time between work, my daily house chores, my exercise, and my crafts.  We had a long weekend at school, and I was looking forward to enjoy it,  but we had a little problem with the main shut off valve (which it is inside a closet next to the stairs), and let me tell you that we had to put everything out of the closet, because we had a little leak of water… Plumber came, all good. The good part was that I organized bunch of papers, and threw away lots of papers too. The bad part:  I spent a lot of time doing that… and it was really boring! Agh!

Anyway,  I have a card ready for tomorrow, so please don’t forget to come back!  🙂

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a crafty rest of the week!



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