A JD Card [You Make Life Sweet]

Hey there!

I took a little break from my crafts… and from the world too, lol. I have been cleaning and re-organizing closets since the beggining of summer, and I am still in the process 😦 It is incredible all the stuff you can accumulate along the years. When we moved to this country, eight years ago, we brought  about six suitcases, our dog, our cat, and my old mac 😀  The house that we bought was empty, and now is full with so many things. Well, all the memories can stay in my house, but the extra stuff must go. It seems to be like the never ending story here 🙂 Oh, well I am being optimistic, and I want to think that summer will be enough to get rid of many things that we don’t need anymore… lol. We’ll see…

Anyways, here is a card that I created using a JD stamp set called Life is Sweet. The size of this card is a bit different. Instead of just making two cards (4.25″ x 11″) out of a 8.5″ x 11″ piece of card stock, I made three cards  (2.75″ x 11″) 🙂 Quite simple, but colorful and fun 🙂


Thank you for visiting :) Have a wonderful week!

3 thoughts on “A JD Card [You Make Life Sweet]

  1. Aw… this is so sweet ! I love the polka dot diecut details! And good for you about the cleaning! And yes, it never ends! My house was built over 20 years ago and it was empty when we moved in….now? Let’s not go there (LOL)!! I love my house that is full of ( stuff and) life and love though 🙂

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