Circles, circles…

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This is a quick post just to share about my experience cutting circles with my electronic cutting machines. I have an original Cricut, that I bought a couple of years ago, and I was considering selling it to buy the Expression 2, because my machine has the (6″ x 12″) size limitation, as well as the sizes of shapes that you can actually cut (very few options).

The Expression 2 gives you more space to work with (12″ width), you also have a screen where you can see the cartridge shapes, and you have a wider range of sizes that you can cut your shapes and alphabets. Well, as always, I had second thoughts 😀 I discovered that if I connect the Cricut to my mac, you kind of have more versatility. Well, probably you are going to say: How come you didn’t know about this? Well, I had the idea that could do it, because the first thing I noticed in my Cricut was the USB port, but I bought it basically to take it to scrapbooking crops, not to connect it to my computer. Anyway, by doing that, and using the Cricut Craft Room software, you can make the shapes the size that you want, with the limitation of the 6 inches of width of my Cricut (in my case), but you can weld, and resize the letters and shapes individually, which I think is a big plus.

I was very excited about all that, but I discovered that if you cut small circles, they are not perfect at all. I thought that my machine was defective 😦 I surfed the internet, and I found out that I am not the only one who noticed the same thing. Then I thought that this was happening because the Cricut I have is an older model, but according to what I have read, it is the same even with the more recent models. Well, my curiosity made me want to test my Silhouette too. I was sure that my Silhouette was not going to disappoint me. I have to say that my Silhouette is also an original model (=old). But I love that I can design my scrapbooking titles using Illustrator and then cut them out with it :). Well, I cut out the same sizes of circles using my Silhouette, and for my surprise, the circles are not perfect either.

I agreed with the opinions that I found on the internet, that if you want a perfect circle… you can always rely on you circle punches… no doubt. I love both of my machines, with the exception of the limitations of the width size, each of them work fine for what I bought them…the circles issue is something that is not going to determine which machine I am going to change, but it will be awesome that the machine that I decide to buy can cut perfect circles 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Circles, circles…

  1. Wow! That’s really interesting and good to know! Thanks for sharing! I never would have guessed that both kinds of machines would have that problem. I have a CE2,but I’ve never set out do do “just circles”. So I never really noticed. Interesting! I’ve really been wanting to invest in a nice collection of circle punches. Someday!

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