JD Giveaway Winners



Just popping in to share the names of the JD stamps set winners. According to Random Org, the first winner (sets#1) 1s:

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 4.22.17 PM


#1 belongs to… Lisa L. and she said this:

“such a cute card!!! I would love to see a big background stamp with maybe some cute arrows, and maybe some cute little chicks for Easter coming up, painting eggs or dressed as bunnies! Thanks so much!”

the second winner (sets # 2)

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 4.29.19 PM


#7 belongs to…frommycraftroom and she said this:

“Love the new owl set. I think the new dino stamp set is on the right track – very cute. More male orientated stamp sets.
Thanks for the chance to win some great sets.”

Ladies, Please send me an email with your addy ASAP :D  so I can send you your stamps! :)

Thanks so much for participating and for sharing your ideas of themes for future stamp sets! Those ideas are truly appreciated!

I hope you have a wonderful  week!

:D Hugs to all :D


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