A JD Card + Meet Shelby

Happy Monday everyone!

I have a Jane’s Doodles card to share today. I used three different sets to create it:  Patterns for Him , Pretty Peonies and Big Sentiments. All these stamps are currently available for purchase at the JD Store 😉 I like how the chevron stamp can be use with two different colors to create a fun background…. The big flower is one of my favorite JD stamps 🙂

On a happy note, I feel like if I had an unexpected puppy. Yea, Yea… I know, going to the pet store is not always recommended if you are not planning to have a new pet, right? Well, that was exactly what happened to us at the end of June. We couldn’t resist the puppy’s eyes telling us: “take me, take me”

Her name is Shelby, she is a Miniature Schnauzer Parti. She was three months old when we got her…

Now she is four months and she is adorable…

… and she likes that I take pictures of her 😉

She has  us very busy with the puppy training. I bought a Gotta Go Bell for her so she can tell us when she need to go out, and she is using it all the time, which I think is pretty good. I have to say that even though Shelby is awesome, I still miss my Jackie. Shelby will never replace her, but she is doing her best to be a good pet.  My Mia is not accepting Shelby yet. After Jackie passed, Mia was sad in her own way. We noticed that she was sleeping on Jackie’s bed for at least ten days after Jackie passed . So we think she needs to take her time, and maybe some day she will be playing with Shelby, as she used to do it with my sweet Jackie.

Thank you for visiting :) Have a wonderful week!


14 thoughts on “A JD Card + Meet Shelby

  1. Love the chevron pattern!! Your card is gorgeous!!
    Shelby is sooooo cute!!! Love the last photo of her…looks like she’s smiling! Have fun with your new puppy and good luck;) Just remember, you will always hold that special spot in you heart for your Jackie…no one can take that away from you.

  2. Mariana, I’m in love with today’s post! First of all, this card is fabulous. My favorite colors!! Your cards always make me smile!! Secondly….Shelby is so cute! She looks like she’s smiling and hey, that will make anyone smile back! Have fun with her!!

  3. Shelby has a great face and her personality matches it…so sweet! It will take some time to introduce new pets. My Winston passed away and my other dog, Artemis, was having a hard time, but he was okay after a few months. Just give Mia some extra attention along with Shelby and things will be alright. I shed a tear reading this and I just want to give you a big hug!

  4. Love the boldness of your card! Those colors rock!
    Adorable puppy! When my son lost his cat after having him for 3-mos, he got another one within a month which wasn’t planned. It helped with his grieving. ;o)

  5. awww…. Shelby is so adorable and picture perfect! so happy for your new family member and hope you will all grow to love her as the pain of losing Jackie easies. sending you big hugs! =) i love the background you created using patterns for him, so pretty and perfect for the beautiful flower. very pretty card, Mariana!

  6. Your card is fabulous as always! Congrats on the new puppy! She is so stinking cute, what an adorable face. How could you have resisted that?! I understand still missing Jackie, you always will. I know from my own experience that there is no replacing them, but new pets bring in their own personalities and add to your lives. And it does help take your mind off your sadness when you are busy training, playing and laughing with them. I’m sure your Mia will get used to Shelby before long. Thanks so much for sharing, and have fun with your new family member!

  7. Shelby is adorable!!! I often wonder what I am going to get for my daughter when her little terrier leaves for better grasses… he’s 12 and has arthritis and I think he’s getting hard of seeing…So cute!! Love your card too.. always nice cards!!

  8. I love this card! Those warm colors are so beautiful! And look at this gorgeous puppy! How she’s sitting on the first picture! I can imagine that if my kiddos see this pic they would beg us to get them a puppy like this! 🙂

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