Giveaway Winner [LF stamp set]


Thank you so much for participating and sharing with everybody about your dream vacation…I had a lot of fun reading your comments!  I personally dream to travel to Paris someday with my hubby  🙂 I think Paris is a romantic city full of interesting places to visit…(sigh) Maybe some day… and hopefully soon 😉

Well, According to Random Org the winner of the Stamp set  is….

Number six is Regina!!!


Please contact me as soon as possible, so I can send you your brand new Lawn Fawn stamp set!!!

Thanks to Ashley, Sue B, Bunny, Tanya, Jenny, Joyce, Piali, Susie, Liliana, Elizabeth, Ruth, Ayana, Karen, Sue D, Ellie, Stylesplenty, Jess, Karen, Cathy, Sylvia, Caanan, Lisa A, Tarajo, Scrpbkadct, Manasa, Lisa, Alice, Isomys, Chari, Latrice, Denise, Jessica, Savannah, Samantha and  Cher.

Thanks for visiting 😀 Don’t forget to come back soon!


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