I Pinched Myself and…YES! It’s true

For the last couple of years,  the Stamping Royalty Card Contest has caught my attention, but for some reason or another (you can call them excuses), I didn’t participate. This year has been different. I guess, feeling more confident on what I love to do as a hobby since 2009, has a lot to do with it. To be one of the winners, was one of those thoughts that you assume that is impossible,  but deep in your heart you wish that it can become true.

So, I started by bookmarking the Paper Crafts Magazine website, where the contest rules and the picture of the prize was shown. Nothing really happened then. There was no intention of my creativity (A.K.A. my mojo) to start working 😦 As the due date approach, I printed out the rules and prize of the challenge, and I put them in a visible place. Well, I think my mojo is kind of blind and careless, because that piece of paper got lost in a pile, and no cards were made yet, not even a sketch 😦 I printed out the page again, but this time I showed it to my husband, and also to my friend Martha, and I told them about my intention to participate and win (Ha! dreaming was allowed at that stage) 😉 I couldn’t believe it…my poor mojo is deaf too 😦 Cards can wait, right?… The days passed by, until the pressure finally made my mojo to start creating (Ha!). Despite all the time I took,  I prepared five cards,  and of course, as usual, I sent them out at the last minute. Mission accomplished, I thought. 😀

After I came back from the post office, the excitement and happiness followed me for the next few days. Then, PapersCrafts posted on Facebook a picture of a bunch of boxes that they had received for the contest, and I started feeling disillusioned and with no hope. Oh, my! …More than 1,300 submissions!!! Cloud nine disappeared, and I was back on Earth.  I though that there was no way that one of my cards could be chosen. Well, then I kind of started being curious about when they would notify the winners, but I did not have any clue. However, I was trying to keep high spirits.

Last week,  I was in my car, outside the soccer field, waiting for my son, when I received an email from PaperCrafts… Yes! from PaperCrafts! Kelly  Smith gave the royal news… Yaaay! I wish I could have seen my face at that exact moment. I had to read the email more than once to be sure that what I was understanding was right, and then I had to pinch my self to be sure I was not dreaming…Wooooo-hooooooo!!!! I started feeling like a peacock with its tail wide open…One of my cards was selected to be one of the three winners of the Love category. After that email, keeping the secret safe was a little hard.  Today I can tell everybody how proud I am (and my mojo too) :D, and that all that mix of emotions that kept my mind busy  for the last three weeks, worth it!

I want to say …


…I am really thankful and I feel very honored.

Today, the last group of winners has been announced, so I also want to say CONGRATULATIONS to all the fourteen talented designers who also won.  I can’t wait to take a picture of myself wearing my tiara and to see the other ladies wearing theirs too 😉 So if you are curious to see who these fabulous crafters are, you can will find their names by clicking on the links below:

Birthday category

Thank You category

Hello/Thinking of You category

Season’s Greetings

Love Category

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your comments!

Hugs to all!


29 thoughts on “I Pinched Myself and…YES! It’s true

  1. Woohoo!! Congrats, Mariana! I totally see that you can WIN this! Thanks for sharing the process with us. I am up to your speed about the intentions and the rules (had it printed out and then it SAT there…no time or mojo..–so better luck for me next year)! I’m so happy for your well-deserved honor! You ROCK!!

  2. How exciting, Mariana! Congrats to you! Way to not give up! You’re inspiring me, maybe I should try one day, too! Lol… I’m so proud of you! 🙂 Enjoy the excitement! You deserve it!

  3. YAY! Big congrats to you my friend, totally and SO WELL deserved. You are so right, you just never know unless you try! Everyone must try, all that hardwork surely paid off, so happy for you!

  4. Mariana, I am so absolutely thrilled to read that you are royalty. I always love visiting here and seeing your wonderful creations. I am doing the happy dance for you…. enjoy your day… congrats.

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