Sharing Some Stamp Storage Ideas…


I have a couple of things that I want to share today. First, I wanted to show the way I currently keep  my stamps organized. I have been taking some of these ideas from here and there, trying to find what really works for me, and the limited space that I have. So here are the ideas that I have been using lately…

I have two narrow drawers with clear stamps, and one with my large cling stamps.  I usually keep the clear stamps in their original plastic bags, and I have them by brand. One drawer is for my Hero Arts stamps, and the other one is for my Lawn Fawn’s. The cling drawer is a mix of brands.

I also have an extra box with a lid from Ikea that contains different brands of stamps. I keep this box visible, so I can remember that I have them there.

One way to keep your cling sets is by using a clear CD case, like I did with these cute WD stamps. These cases also work perfectly with clear stamps. I bought them at Walmart, but I am sure you can find them at any place that sells music or computers; you just have to be sure you are buying the standard ones that are thicker, not the slim ones.

Another way, is buying these great Stampendous thin boxes. You can keep several cling stamps in them . You can find them at Archivers. Some cling stamps have a printed image on the gray side to easily identify them 😉

I don’t have too many woodblock stamps, so they fit perfectly in this Making Memories wall cabinet. I like that I can see them all the time 😀

I found at Amy Sheffer‘s and Tosha Leyendekker‘s blogs, some fabulous ideas to have your JustRite stamps. You can see all those ideas by clicking on their names.

I particularly love the use of Bead Stackers containers. They are affordable and the come in different diameter sizes. I bought mine at Hobby Lobby, but you can even find them at Michaels or Walmart. The 1-5/”8 stamps fit perfectly in the 1-3/4″ stackers and the 2″ stamps in the 2-1/2″. I do not have many small circles, but I like the idea of have them separate by sets. The metal containers are from Ikea, and you can place in them your 3-1/4″ round stamps and your Oval stamps… even some of the rectangle ones 🙂 I love that they have a clear lid.

These containers have a magnetic back, but I don’t have space on my wall to put a metal board …(My fridge would be perfect, but it is So I discovered that you can fit 14 metal containers in one photo box without being tight.  I added some labels, so it is easy to identify each set.

I think that Amy‘s idea of keeping the index sheets of the stamps in a binder is fabulous… You can quickly have visual access to your stamp inventory 😉

Amy also uses small  metal containers (similar to Altoids tins), which I think are perfect for the rectangular stamps.  I recycled a couple of the Altoids containers, and a wallet box that I had, and I used them for some of my JR sets 🙂 Archivers has a great selection of containers too, you can see them here.

For your cling Just Rite stamps I think this is your best option: Mini Binder Box 🙂 Each of them fit four sets… 

Well, I hope you can take some ideas from here to use in your craft room, or maybe if you wish you could even share your own ideas by leaving a link in the comment area… I would love to peek 😉

The other thing I wanted to share is this:

Lately, my days had shortened, because I have more things to do. Between the couple of hours that I go to school everyday, the sports activities of my two sons in the afternoon, and my cards, I have been leaving aside personal stuff that needs my attention. Therefore, after thinking a lot about it, I decided to step down from the LawnFawn Design Team. I really appreciate that Kelly believed on my work, and gave the chance to grow as a stamper along with the little Lawn Fawn family. Thanks Kelly! You and the Fawnies will always be in my heart 😉

So, that is all for today, thank you so much for stopping by 😀 Have a great rest day!


10 thoughts on “Sharing Some Stamp Storage Ideas…

  1. Thanks for sharing your storage ideas, I’m always looking for new ones.
    Sorry to here that you are stepping down from the LawnFawn DT, but sometimes we have to evaluate of lives and make adjustments. It’s hard sometimes, especially when we have to give up something we love.

  2. Love your storage tips Mariana! That and I love to see what kind of stamps you own! Sorry to hear your done with LF. I always enjoyed your fabulous creations and they will be missed!

  3. Oh, Mariana, I’m saddened to hear you are stepping down from LawnFawn. But, personal decisions are always hard to make yet vital to our well beings. I totally understand, and I’ll still get to read your blog. As for the stamp storage, I use CD cases and VHS cases for long borders and backgrounds that don’t fit the CD cases. And I bought a CD cabinet to house them. So far, this is working wonderfully, although I’ve yet to finish cataloging and indexing them all. One day!!!! xoxo

  4. Thanks for sharing your storage ideas, Mariana! I always love seeing how other people store their craft items. Sorry to hear about you stepping down from the Lawn Fawn design team (I always love your LF cards) but I definitely understand the need to step back. 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing your crafty storage! You’ve got some excellent ideas! I will miss seeing you with the LF creations. BUT I’m NOT going anywhere 🙂

  6. thank you for sharing your storage ideas, Mariana! so sad to see you leaving LF… i LOVE what you do with their super cute stamps. but in can understand your decision. =)

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