Hi! I am back today to share a little card that I made with another  new image of Jane Beljo. This image is called Joy Snowman and is already available for purchase at Claudia & Company. Please take a look…

By the way, I added a little poll on my side bar… so please take a second and vote. Personally, I don’t like wearing high heel shoes, and I thought that maybe I am not the only one. I wear that kind of shoes when I have to, but I always carry an extra pair of shoes with me, in case that the high heel shoes make my feet feel uncomfortable 😦

Thanks for stopping by :) I’ll be back soon with another card :)



18 thoughts on “Joy

  1. Super cute card, Mariana!

    For the your poll, the word should be “heels” not “hills”. But, I like your word better, since your foot is shaped like a high hill when you wear it. Ha ha!

    • Thanks for the correction….haha… The funny part is that I searched for “high hills” images using google… and I found “high heels” images…lol…

  2. Those mittens are just so beautifully colored, and I LOVE the color combo too. What a fabulous idea to use the card as a gift card holder too!! Wow! Then there’s that sweet little gift bag. Your snowman is colored exquisitely! Wow!

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