My Trip to Mexico + Copic Certification Class

Last month, I was really looking forward to attend to CHA and meet new people there. I was going to start that week, attending to the Copic Certification Class. I was really excited about it. Sadly, my sister’s husband got really sick on Saturday  the 24th and passed away the next morning. Everything was really fast and really sad. I rushed to Mexico to be with her and her daughter as soon as possible. After a trip that took me twelve hours (because I had to wait between flights), I finally  arrived to Coatzacoalcos at 2 pm on the 26th. I spent ten days there, supporting my only sister. Life has changed for her and her daughter, no doubt. During those days,  I did not meet new friends, instead, I said hi to a lot of people that I already knew, many of them my old friends. I also had the chance to spend some time with my mom and dad, and see my two brothers.  After those ten days, I went to Mexico City for two days, where I went to my university to get some paper work that I needed. I spent those days with three of my girl friends and I had a very good time with them remembering the old days. Seeing all my relatives and good friends was like a reminder for me: “Don’t forget about us”.  I really don’t. They all are, and always will be in my heart.

Anyways, I am kind of stubborn. So I applied one more time for the Copic Certification Class at Green Bay. Well, I first asked my hubby if he would drive me there and he said yes 🙂 Well, we woke up very early last Saturday to be on time at Green Bay. The road trip was short, two and a half hours. While I was taking the class, my hubby and our two sons went to Lambeau Field, the museum, and they even had time to go to the movies. I had the fortune to take the class with super talented Debbie Olson. She is great and I really enjoyed the class. Lots of new information for me 😀 I couldn’t leave there without having taken a picture of Debbie and myself at the end of the class.

Lately,I haven’t been very good posting new cards, I know. But between my trip to Mexico, the beginning of the school year, and my messy schedule, I haven’t  even said THANKS for all your sweet comments and visits to my blog for the past four weeks. So…


Sorry for my grammar boo-boos today… my hubby started traveling today…

😀 Have a great week 😀



19 thoughts on “My Trip to Mexico + Copic Certification Class

  1. Hola Mariana,
    Sorry to hear about your brother-in-law passing away. My sympathies to your sister and family.

    I’m glad you were able to take the Copic certification class. Great picture of you and Debbie.

  2. HOla! Mariana

    Me da pena lo de tu cuñado, espero que tu hermana encuntre pronto alivio.

    Super!! lo de tu certificacion.

  3. Oh Mariana, I had a feeling your absence was due to a sad occasion! Hugs to you and your family. My condolences! It is nice to ‘see’ a new photo of you, so sweet! I’m glad you got to take the class as I know that was your goal. Take care and hope things get back to normal for you soon!

  4. So sorry to hear of your poor sister’s sudden bereavement. It was great that you could be with her during those sad days.
    You made great use of the rest of your time also – very energetic lady!!

    Wow! Copic Certification Class with Debbie Olson, you lucky, lucky lady, I know you won’t be stingy with your new info. 🙂

  5. Please accept my condolences for your sister’s loss. She will be in my prayers.

    Glad you were able to take the Copic certification class- but look at anything you color with Copics, I would think you could TEACH that class!

    Lovely photo! Thanks for sharing! HUGS!

  6. I’m so sorry to hear about your sister’s tragic loss – what a blow to your family. I’m so happy that you were able to get the copic training (although your coloring is already great!) – sometimes I fly into Green Bay when I visit my folks in WI. 🙂 It’s a small world. Take care of yourself!

  7. Oh, wow, you certainly have had a lot going on in your life. I’m so sorry about your brother-in-law. I can’t imagine how sad that must be for your whole family. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    Congrats on the Copic Certification! I’d love to take a Copic class.

  8. Hey Mariana so sorry to read about the death of your brother in law. So sad and tragic. My heart goes out to you and your sister and her/your family. I am glad you were able to have some time for your class after the emotions of loosing someone. Love your cards and the yummy dots on your Hero Arts girl.

  9. i am so sorry to hear abut your brother in law. your sister and your family are in my thoughts. she is so lucky to have a sweet sister like you. =)

    awww…. i would love to take a class with Debbie Olson, too!! she is amazing! thanks for sharing and hope to see more of your pretty cards, soon!! =) have a wonderful day!

  10. So sorry to hear for your loss and continued prayers for your family.

    I took my class with Debbie and she is a classly teacher as well.
    No one is nicer than her.

    Thanks for sharing all that you do and God Bless.

  11. Sending good thoughts to your sister and niece….so heart breaking for them and your whole family. Always love your cards and posts. Thanks for sharing your story of your trip. You just never know what people are dealing with on a daily basis. My prayers are with your family.

  12. Mariana, I am so sorry for the loss to your family. You are all in my prayers. I had been hoping to meet you at CHA, but maybe next time. How cool that you were able to attend the Copic class being taught by Debbie Olsen although I thought you had already perfected coloring with Copics! By the way, your English is terrific!

  13. I’m just catching up on your blog now….so sorry about the passing of your BIL. I can understand what those ten days must be like. And what a GREAT thing your DH and sons “accompanied” you to take copic lessons! (you were a pro to start with!). Thanks for sharing. God bless your sister and family.

  14. Que tristeza oir de tu cunado, espero que el tiempo ayude a tu hermana a sentirse un poco mejor y poder superar este dolor! Tengo ya un buen tiempo leyendo tu blog y me habia dado cuenta que eres mexicana, pero no jarocha! Yo tambien soy de Coatza! Transplantada en USA desde hace 15 a*os ya, y desacostumbrada a los calores portenos como me acabo de dar cuenta en Agosto! Muchas bendiciones para ti y toda tu familia, de jarocha a jarocha!!

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