A Card for PCSC

Hi there! On my last post, Sue wrote me this: “…there are so many opportunities to join a challenge – wish I had more time…” I agree with Sue 100%.  A good idea to solve your lack of time is, whenever possible try combining two or more challenges in one card. You may think that combining challenges adds  more difficulty to your project, but I might say that it helps you accomplish your projects even faster 🙂 I have seen some ladies that with just one card participate in more than three challenges!!!! Those ladies are real pros 🙂 Personally I don’t like to combine more than two, but it is always up to you 🙂

Today the card I made is for  Practicing Creativity Sketch Challenge. Wonderful Courtney  is sharing some great sketches in order to participate.  I chose Dana’s sketch to create an “easy to make” invitation. And, I combined it with the Embellish Color Challenge 😀 I remind you that there is still time to participate at Embellish too.

To make my invitation I divided the sketch into two parts (one is the invite, the other is a pocket). I used Unity stamps (Soirees & Such) to create the invite and the focal point:

I know that the little glass looks more like a martini one, but I am pretending that my glass is a margarita one (I don’t like martinis), and I filled it up with strawberry-lime flavor… Have you tried them yet? So good, so good 😀 Anyway, here is how my two-piece invitation looks:

On another note, Mia is innocent!!!!! My stamp felt down inside one of my drawers (a messy one) and yesterday, while I was cleaning it up I found my stamp there 😀 Yaaay!!!!… I have to tell you that while I was looking for my stamp around the house, I found some hiding spots that Mia has… with some legos 🙂 Well, I think Mia deserves another picture here to be posted…

Isn’t she pretty?… and she loves to be photographed 😀

Thanks for stopping by and Thanks for your comments!



12 thoughts on “A Card for PCSC

  1. Fab invitation Mariana.
    I’m thinking that beautiful Mia has a BOLD Mama! How could you harbour such suspicions!!!!! Really love your blog – thank you x

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