A Card for ATC Glimmer Challenge #1

Happy Monday! Have you noticed that there is a lot of inspiration, and many new fun challenges going on right now? Here is one, and it is fun. The image below will take you to the original post:

And here is the card that I created Β with those fabulous colors, and the sketch πŸ™‚

Simple Hi

I hope you can participate, there is a prize, and there is plenty of time to submit your project πŸ˜‰

Yesterday, when I was working on this card, I pulled out some other stamps. I think one of them fell down, because I can not find it. I have been looking around, and I have even cleaned up my table, but nothing. I have some suspicion about Mia, she is always stealing legos from my son’s basket…

Do you think that she could be capable of taking away my stamp, playing with it and hiding it afterwards?… I am not sure… She always has a peaceful “I don’t care” look πŸ˜€ I hope I am wrong, otherwise my stamp by now, probably has some extra holes πŸ™‚ Anyways…

Thanks so much for visiting, and thank you for your comments πŸ™‚



12 thoughts on “A Card for ATC Glimmer Challenge #1

  1. Oh, your card is so delightful. Yes, there are so many opportunities to join a challenge – wish I had more time. Love the colors you used – so happy and bright. About your cat – yes, I think it’s entirely possible. The owner of Mark’s Finest Papers has a cat that does that very thing.

  2. Haha – she probably bit it and tapped it with her paw underneath something! You know that paw push cats do?! She’s beautiful.

    Your take on the sketch is so great! Nice cupcake – wouldn’t mind having one now!

  3. Stunning card, as usual! Thank you so much for participating, Marianna! I’m always in awe of your work!
    Just to clarify, the only options for this challenge are the ones you followed: a sketch and the colors. Each month, the challenge will be changed up a bit.
    Love your card!

  4. this is so sweet! love that bug cupcake and how you used those yummy colors!! hummm… have you look under Mia’s resting area? she could be storing them there!! =) she is so cute!

  5. Love the colours on your card and all the stitching detail! Mia looks so soft and love the way she’s pretending to sleep but really posing for the camera!

  6. Such a happy card Marianna! The colors and design are fantastic! We always love to check in on your work and designs. Plus, it is an honor to have your design up for our first challenge. Thank you.

  7. Your card is awesome. I love that layout but I’m not sure I would ever be able to include all 6 colors at once!!! I wanted to also comment that I blamed my cat for “stealing” a few of my letter stamps that I had foolishly laid out on my cardstock and left overnight. In the end, they were stuck to one of the magazines I was using for inspiration … after having wrongfully accused her! I felt bad and had to make it up to her with extra treats!! LOL!! I couldn’t believe you had a similar story!!

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