Adding Colors to Digi-Stamps

Hi there! Lately I have been playing with DIGI-STAMPS, and I have posted some cards using them 😀 Agata and Elena asked me about adding colors to digi-stamps. Digi-stamps are digital images ready to print. Usually, they come as JPG or PNG files. One of the things you can do with digi-stamps is to add color to them on your computer using  Photoshop or a similar program.   I am showing the basic steps to add color to your digi-stamps as follows:

1) Open the document.

2) From the IMAGE drop down menu, choose IMAGE SIZE. (A window will pop up)

3) Define the size of the image you need. In this case I chose the image to be 1.5 in wide. And I select 300dpi as the resolution.

4) Select the PAINT BUCKET TOOL from your tools menu (Your cursor will look like a little bucket):

5) From the SWATCHES window select the color you are going to use. Note: when your cursor is right on the swatches window… it will change automatically to an EYEDROPPER icon. As soon as you select the color and move it to your image area it will change again to a BUCKET. Add the color were you need it:

6) Repeat the last step to color the entire image. After you are done your image is ready to print.

7) DO NOT SAVE the changes in your original document. That way you can use your digi-stamps many times.

Photoshop is the program I use, because it is the one I have but, the tools in much of the software available are very similar so are the steps to add color to images 😉

There is a Hero Arts Video that shows you how to  resize and print digi-stamps using Word. Please click here to watch it. Remember, you can print out your images on different colors of cardstock and  use the piecing technique, like I did on my Spike card:

You can click here to watch another HA Video showing the piecing technique.

Thanks for visiting, have a great day! 🙂



7 thoughts on “Adding Colors to Digi-Stamps

  1. Mariana,

    Thank you _so_ much for showing so clearly how to add color. I really appreciate not only that you answered my question but that you did it so quickly! Wow! I am off to research photoshop prices now…


  2. Thanks for the tutorial. Being 50 something, I didn’t grow up with computers so I am not very good with them. I don’t have photo shop but I do have a photo program so I will give it a try. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can make it work. I really appreciate the time and effort it takes to educate us.

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