Hi everybody! Last week was very nice having friends over and fortunately for them, the weather was awesome, no less than 30ºF every day… which was not so bad! This week… 😦 …well, I keep saying to myself: January is almost over, February is a short month, and March is not as bad as January and February… 😀 This helps me  deal with winter…LOL 😉

Anyhow, today I am posting a fun card… just because. The image I used is an adorable digi-stamp, and it is called SPIKE. This little monster is one of the great digi stamps that Jane Beljo has created. You can check out her creations by clicking here. What I like about digi-stamps is that you can make the image the size you want. I printed out a big Spike in different colors of card stock. I could even change the color of the image in my mac but, I decided to use the piecing technique for this card:

I know that lately I haven’t been very constant posting  my cards but, it seems that from now I can post more frequently . At least I am going to try 😉 I really appreciate your visits and your encouraging comments.

Thanks for stoping by 🙂 Have a great day!



9 thoughts on “Hi!

  1. I won this cute image from Jane’s blog and I havent’ had a chance to play with it or any of my goodies for that matter!
    Very cute card!

  2. Hehe…I love your rationalization about winter…I like that! I think I will start thinking like that too to keep me sane! Love your fun and whimsical card, always love it when you use wonderfully bright colors, they make me happy!

  3. So glad I stoppe by your blog today!…Spike is completely fun and cool! I will definitely be signing off with a smile ! I also want to say thank you for your nice comment regarding my butterfly Embellish challenge card entry!! ;D Diana

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