How I Take My Card Pictures

Hi everyone! I hope everybody is enjoying the Holidays. We just got back from Mexico. All the past week, we ate the food we love, we spent time with our relatives and friends, and we went to sleep very late everyday :D. I will be posting some cards later this week, but for now I just have something to share.

Some of the ladies that frequently visit my blog have asked me: How I take my card pictures? I am not a photographer but, when I take my pictures I pretend I am one…LOL. It is not a secret that I love using natural light coming through a window :D. I also make use of two 12 x 12 pieces of cardboard I cut off from a big box, and I put them as is shown below. I sometimes use a patterned paper as a background. This paper helps enhance some of the colors of the card I am taking the picture of. I have two windows in my house where I like to shoot my photos; this is my favorite:

But it is not always is like that. Sometimes it is too cloudy outside, or it is raining or snowing, and the natural light is not as bright as I like. When that happens, the light tent I made  four months ago comes to the rescue :D. You can check out the details here.  Even though I still don’t have the correct bulb for the lamp (I use my scrapy-table lamp) I use the options that my camera has for the different kinds of illumination you have while you are shooting. Besides that, after I load the pictures into my mac, if they have a yellowish look, I correct them using Photoshop.

I know, I know… the kind of camera you are using is important, but it is not all. Whatever the camera you have, I recommend you to read the manuals, because in them,  there are always good tips of how to take advantage of the camera you have.

Then, when you load your pictures, look for the software options to enhance your photos. Take a little time to play with them. And, as a last recommendation, when you go to your local library  check out the photography books they have. I am sure you can find many good ones that can help you boost your photography skills 🙂

Thank you for stopping by 🙂 Have a Happy New Year!


7 thoughts on “How I Take My Card Pictures

  1. Hi! Great tutorial! I noticed in your past posts that you have a mirror image of your card showing up on your images. Do you use a piece of glass to do this or do you just add this using photoshop? Do share!!!

    thank you so much!!

  2. You’re so right, the camera is not everything….you can have an inexpensive camera and still have great pics…just a lot of editing and detailing once the photo is taken…fabulous tips and I’m so thrilled you had a good holiday!! Happy New Year to you and I always look forward to your next creation!

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