A Card for Everything but the Kitchen Sink Challenge

Hello everyone! I have  kind of been doing many things at the same time lately. I even accomplished some of them. I had my cards on the waiting list, that is why I haven’t been posting in the past few days. Anyway, I still keep checking everyday what is going on over at other lady’s blogs, and I found out about a different challenge that got my attention. This challenge is at Courtney Baker’s blog and it is called Everything but the Kitchen Sink Challenge. In order to participate you have to make a card using something you have received in your mail. Well, I found this add:


I used the rugs picture as a patterned paper and  I made this card:



I also used Distress Inks, stamps, a butterfly punch, some gems and twine.

Thank you for visiting 🙂 Have a great weekend!


21 thoughts on “A Card for Everything but the Kitchen Sink Challenge

  1. Great card!! This is totally random, but has anyone ever told you that your photo on your blog really resembles Rocky Balboa’s wife Adrian? Are you laughing? I’m serious, it just hit me. I have a 10yr. old boy, so we have the whole set of Rocky movies. She’s beautiful, just in case you were worried:)

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