Stamp Cleaning Tip

Hi There! Everybody has their own way to clean the stamps.  I usually use baby wipes to clean up my stamps after they are used. I always keep two wipes in a plastic container. One wipe  is always dirty and the other one is clean or almost clean.

I use the dirty one to clean off the stamp right after I am done with my stamping (to remove the most of the ink).


Then, I wipe off my stamp again using the clean wipe.


When the clean wipe becomes too dirty, it replaces the dirty wipe and I get a new wipe for the final cleaning.


I always keep the container closed. By doing that, I can use them more times before they dry off :). Maybe this is not the best way  to keep my stamps clean but for daily cleaning, it works for me.

Thank you for visiting.


3 thoughts on “Stamp Cleaning Tip

  1. I use baby wipes also. Great tip about keeping them separate. I love the idea of recycling them to use more than once. I have found it easier for larger, more detailed stamp to keep a mini mister bottle of water and a stamp scrubber pad (the craft store ones made for stamping or the pads used on paint rollers found very inexpensively at hardware stores) nearby. My young children don’t tend to see the mini-mister and it doesn’t tend to wander off like my larger spray bottle did! 🙂

  2. Hi!!!
    I use baby wipes too. Great tip about keeping them separate I did this tip but i keep the wipes in a plastic bag with secure lock. Is more easy to me when i work a lot of time.


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