My Handy Dandy Light Tent

Hi there. I usually take my card pictures using natural light coming through a window…so if I am lucky and it is a sunny day, I can take great pictures but, if it is a cloudy and rainy day, I am toast :(. I was seriously thinking about buying a light tent but, at the same time I was kind of refusing to pay a lot for something that I could possibly make at home so, I was trying to figure out how I could build my own light tent. First, I thought about using some wood sticks to make a cube frame, tie them up at the ends and then cover the cube with some fabric; then, I thought about using a mesh basket, like the ones you use for the dirty clothes. My ideas where there, but none of them was really convincing.

Last week, Kristina Werner posted on her blog her technique on how she takes her card pictures. While I was reading some of the comments from the other ladies, one of them caught my attention. It was Courtney Baker’s comment where she says that she made her own light tent! So, I checked on her blog right away, and she has a link to this post where it is carefully explained how easy and inexpensive it is to make one using a handy dandy box. Ha-haaaaa!… my eyes popped out… and I started making plans to make my own.

I went to the hardware store to buy my box (67 cents)…, I went next door to the craft store to buy two pieces of white Bristol board… (72 cents)…then at home I realized that I didn’t have any packaging tape, thus I ran out across the street to the convenient store and I bought it for 1.50… Well, I didn’t have to buy the fabric or glue, that was a was good thing because I just had to spend less than 3 dollars ;). I made some time at night watching a one hour tv program, and presto!!!! I built my very first, inexpensive, handy, dandy, light tent!!!!!!

I am still missing the most important part, the correct bulb for my lamp… but on my next trip to the hardware store I will get it for sure. For now, I took some pictures of the box…





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8 thoughts on “My Handy Dandy Light Tent

  1. Hey girl! Our stories are identical! I LOVE using natural light… but as of latel, I’ve been doing a lot of work at night, and thus desperately needed an indoor solution. I made the same box you did! It’s amazing what bristol board can do! Yours turned out awesome! I can’t wait to see some crafty pics! p.s. CONGRATS! on the Top 5 over at 2S4Y! I saw your card, and was about to NOT submit! It’s SO good! Girl you blow me away, seriously! Keep it up!

  2. Hey Marian! I have been wanting to make the same lightbox that Courtney made, but I have been to lazy and the bright summer days have been great, but with Winter time coming, I need I light box! You made it sound so do-able, I think I will try it now! Did you use fabric on the outside? Love how the pictures are turning out too! I used to have a cat that looked just like that! So pretty! I can’t wait to see how your card pictures turn out! 🙂

    • Winter, I used fabric on the outside… I haven’t bought the correct bulb yet… but I will do it soon; like you said it, summer is almost over and we will have gray days more often soon 😦

  3. Love your “light box”, and I would love to make one for myself, but what is Bristol board?

    It’s great that your pets pose so nice for the camera…mine run away when they see the camera come out.

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